Kicking Cancer’s Can: Project Candice

Two weeks ago I had the priviledge of meeting an amazing family and an amazing individual.  Candice Heaps is courageously fighting cancer.  In the brief 40 minutes we spent together I completely felt edified, humbled, and in awe.  Being a mother of six kids can’t be a simple job.  These kids had such a loving and kind relationship with each other that was a direct reflection of Candice and Lance’s loving marriage.  What a wonderful example of love and support and strong families!

Candice’s hometown of Tooele, Utah has organized a fabulous 5K Run, Bake Sale, and Activity Day to help offset the piling medical bills of cancer treatments.  I’d love to invite blog readers to join the Facebook group: Kicking Cancer’s Can: Project Candice. You can keep up to date on details of the event, and offer support to Candice and her family.

Here’s a little peak into the relationships of some of my newest favorite people…

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  1. Thanks again for doing that Brooke. Your work brought tears to my eyes. Even if Candice lives for another 50 years I love that she and her family will be able to look back on these photos and know that she kicked cancer’s can. Thank you!

  2. These are just beautiful. I’m sure they will treasure them forever! I’ll be praying this beautiful mother kicks cancers can for sure! (And I love her style!)

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