Kick’in Cancers Can

Remember our lovely Candice and her family?

This weekend is the premier  of “Kick’in Cancers Can” benefit event in her behalf!

August 7, 2010

Events include something for the entire family: a 5k Fun Run, Bake Sale, Raffle, and Activity Day.

And best of all?  I received this little note from Andrea, who is coordinating this entire event.  She says,

It’s a miracle and we’re happy to share the great news…Candice finished her radiation about 3 weeks ago and sure enough she kicked cancer’s butt! She is now in remission which is a HUGE deal for her kind of cancer and also considering she was in stage 4! Her hair is growing back and is now sporting the super cute boy hair and she is pulling it off like no other! …

A lot of the progress goes to Candice’s kick butt mentality but a lot more goes to the power of prayer, the priesthood and the effect of good friends and people pulling for you and your family.
We’re so excited for everything that has happened and is happening. We’re also so glad you took those great pictures of Candice and captured the moments of her when her strength really was her greatest. She may have been physically weak but I’ve never seen such power of the soul than I saw in Candice while she was fighting Cancer.

Thanks Again Brooke! Hope all is well!


What a cause for celebrating!

We’d love to have your participation on Saturday.  Even if you can not attend, you can still donate to the cause.  You can find all the information on their awesome website HERE.

Congrats Candice!

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  1. wow! Thanks for a nice cry! What a powerful woman! My grandmother died of cancer and my mother was recently diagnosed. So this post pulls a heart string that could never be put into words. It puts me in awe every time I hear of someone that is fighting the battle with a smile on their face and still miraculously is loving life and shining brightly each day lifting others to higher ground! Congratulations Candice! You will remain in our prayers! Thanks for being such a great example. Hang in there! You are so loved!

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