How To Show Love Every Day This Month

“By small and simple things are great things brought to pass.” -Alma 37:6

It’s no secret that the happiness of our lives is built upon the small things… yet how easy it is for me to forget!

In my haste to make the bed this morning, Buzzy enthusiastically hid himself under my sheets declaring that there was a mysterious “bump in the bed!”

Oh how I wanted him to quickly hop out and allow me to finish my job! But thanks to a little reminder I received recently in Davina Fear’s new compilation ebook How Do I Love You: Let Me Count the Days, I listened to the gentle nudge to pause and play along for a few moments.

Some things can be so out of character for me (playfulness being a big one!), but even a serious minded mom like me found a little brightness in the routine of the morning and earned some happy points in the relationship department 🙂

I’m honored to be one of the 25 contributors to this great book. It’s full of small and simple ideas to show love in your most important relationships. And it’s FREE! Make the whole month of February one full of love and delight!

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