How I lost 60 pounds!

In 2017 I was 205 pounds and unable to shed the excess weight. 
Anyone who has tried to lose weight and failed, can likely relate to the shame approach to change.

I told myself I was fat and overweight.
I shamed myself for not being able to change.
I told myself that something was wrong with me.

I was speaking the language of shame and expecting positive results.
And it didn’t work.
The language was confounded.
My Divine Nature does not speak shame, and cannot understand this language.

Well, one day a switch flipped in my brain and I decided that if the shame language wasn’t communicating what I really wanted my body to do, what if instead I tried to lose weight by loving myself. Could that work? Instead of saying

“I’ll love you when you weigh 150 pounds…”

What if I could I love myself right then… at 205 pounds? Could I love and accept myself just as I was and love my body for all the amazingness I was completely overlooking?

Could I speak the language of charity from the start, and not delay love only upon reaching a perfect outcome?

I began an incredible journey of change by speaking the language of love instead of the language of shame.

I began to identify as my true self who actually has the ability to grow and develop and become all that is glorious and good, instead of identifying with my false self through shame. I changed my language.

Friends, it literally changed my life and my body.
Charity never faileth.
And yet, remember, we don’t become fluent in a language overnight. It has to be practiced. You have to immerse yourself in it, and hear it and speak it.

I practiced this language daily through meditation and affirmations. I was selective about what influences I brought into my life. What media I consumed, and who I spent my time with. And guess what happened?

My body began to continuously shed weight. It was a slow process. Only 2-3 pounds a month, but those few pounds add up month after month. Within two years I had lost 60 pounds, and five dress sizes. And it was the most enjoyable, loving, fulfilling weight loss journey of my life.  I’ve easily kept the weight off ever since, and I am convinced that it had everything to do with speaking the language of love.

Charity never faileth.

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