Health Days Photographers Needed

Interested Photographers:

I live in the lovely small city of Smithfield, Utah. What is Smithfield known for? HEALTH DAYS! The celebration of the year with a plethora of events sure to trigger the heart and soul of the community!

Health Days occurs May 3-8. I have been asked to be the head photographer this year, which involves either photographing every event myself (slightly impossible with my life right now) or practicing the beauty of delegation and insuring that there are photographers to cover each event.

This is a volunteer position. Although there is no compensation for your time or images, it is a great opportunity to serve in the community, gain experience covering events, and gain exposure as a photographer. You do not need to be a professional.  We just need you to have a healthy passion for photography!

The images will be gathered for historical purposes, marketing use for future Health Days, newspaper coverage, as well as be made available to citizens in the community who would like access to the images for their own personal use.  All images will be featured in a central location in an online gallery for public access, but each photographer WILL BE CREDITED for their individual work with their name as well as a website if you have one.

Some of the fun events include:



-Booth and park activities, park entertainment

-Golf Tournament

-Family Buckaroo Rodeo

-*Youth Theater presenting the play “Goose Girl”


-Mountain Bike Challenge

-Pancake Breakfast

-Family Bike ride

-Horse Show

-Bluesox Baseball Game

-*Music Competition (program includes top notch classical musicians, and guest performance of Craig Jessops American Festival Chorus.)

-*Scholarship Program (Pageant with 13 young women contestants.)

*This particular event requires non-flash photography so a thorough understanding of manual shooting is required.

I need photographer(s) for every event!

If you are interested in participating in this fun opportunity, please send an email to with the subject title of “Health Days Photographers”.

I will provide a quick and simple training on Saturday, May 1st 10:30 a.m. in Smithfield on “Photography Tips for Event Coverage” for anyone interested in attending (must be a Health Days Photographer participant).  Attendance at the training is not required for your participation, but certainly offered as a little boost in confidence if you’d like any tips!

Let me know if you can help!  I’d love to meet you!

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  1. Ahhh Man! That would be an awesome thing to photograph for, especially knowing that you had an excuse to take pictures of people you don’t know. I am excited to see your pictures. I miss Cache Valley and all the happy people:)

  2. Hey, Brooke. I am going to be photographing the parade anyway for the SV Marching Band. I would be happy to help photograph more of the parade as well.

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