Great Moments are Never Forced


The Best Play Dough Recipe ever, can be found HERE.




Recently,a family member insisted on taking Buzzy’s picture. He refused. He got irritated and wouldn’t participate. I saved my soap box lecture for a more appropriate setting 🙂

[Using Playtime for Documenting]

There’s nothing fun about being told what to do, where to stand, to hold still, and to smile at a phone. And honestly, there isn’t much authenticity that comes from that either.

documenting PINK Tip

Any time you can instead integrate your camera into a moment that is already unfolding and interact like the camera’s not even there, you’ll get some great participation, authentic responses and everyone ends up happy.

Great moments are never forced.


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  1. Brooke, photographing while kids (and people, in general) are doing their thing is my favorite way to photograph. It gives such a natural feel.

    And the way you’ve used this light and made gorgeous images is just awesome!

    I’m in love with that close image of Buzzy and the detail shots of his toys in that first collage.

  2. This is so true! I think another important aspect to recognize is that so many moments are GREAT but we are too busy to even recognize it treasure them. I recently heard the saying “you never now how great a moment is until it is a memory.”

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