Favorite Bits of Wisdom


My favorite bits of wisdom this week:

On Burn Out:

“We don’t get burned out by giving too much – we get burned out when we feel like all our hard work is not making a difference in people’s lives. When we don’t see results, it’s hard to continue to show up and give of ourselves.”

Wise words stated by Sarah Bray in her amazing article that I read last week. Catch the whole post HERE.

On Inspiration

“If you want to remain productive and have ideas when you need them most, the stimuli you allow into your mind are important.”

Todd Henry talks about his process for always having inspiring inputs in his life and shares his personal secret that works every time (a new habit I’m excited to start!).

On Fear:

If you are letting fear hold you back in anything, you MUST read Elizabeth Gilbert’s response to her a friend who expressed her fears in publishing her new book. Her amazing response:

“Your fears about your book aren’t very interesting or very original! I can say this with complete authority, because they are exactly the same fears that I have, whenever I am about to release a book into the world. And I know for a fact that my fears are not interesting at all. (Like yours, my fears alway sing this familiar, droning old song: ‘Your work is garbage, it will be criticized as self-indulgent, it’s too simplistic, it has no value, nobody will buy it, your friends are only being nice to you when they say it’s good, you just wasted a whole bunch of time for no good reason, you are done for and washed-up’).
“Moreover, I have it on good authority that these are exactly the same fears that EVERYONE who has ever finished a book (or created anything) feels. In other words, your fears are just regular old mass-produced, made-in-China, sold-at-Walmart fears. Nothing fine or precious or artisanal about them. So don’t treat them like they’re precious.”

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  1. Oh wow!! I LOVE you this quote by Elizabeth Gilbert! I’m getting used to remembering that my fears and negative thoughts are mass produced, made in China, Walmart bulk made things. Thank you for sharing this, Brooke!

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