Ep. 76 Your Future Self

Friends, today is my season finale, and I’m so excited to leave you with a topic that hopefully will inspire you in your own goals and life purpose.  We’re diving deep into discovering a very important person.  Your future self. This self is the version of you that has achieved your most important goal, or the version of you that has made it through the other side of a big trial stronger and more courageous than before, or the version of you that has acquired a new skill or habit.  She’s different than your current self in a few distinct ways.  Today we’ll uncover the simple process of how to become your future self right now.


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11 Responses

  1. When will you return for a new season?! My husband and I have binged listened to each one because I just barely convinced him to try one and now he’s hooked! It’s been such a strength to reconnect with him through these episodes as we share our thoughts and feelings about each one.
    He’s ready to try the 40 days of meditation if which I’m excited to start again with him.

    So so good, thank you!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and support! I am planning on taking July off to be with my family and hope to return in August. The 40 Day Challenge is an incredible course! (and a super charged stand in for missing podcasts! ha ha ha!) Love that you are sharing this with your husband! Way to go both of you!!!

    1. Loved this! Answered questions from my personal prayers this morning! Wish it was typed out so I could read it somewhere! I need to read and highlight!!!

        1. May I please have a copy of the transcript, too. I have emailed my request. I have already listened to this episode twice. I have named my future self Active-Terri (she is not seden-Terri). This episode spoke directly to my soul and supports the work I’ve been doing on becoming Active-Terri. Thank you!!

          1. Oh wow! Terri! I love that you have named your future self! This is amazing and so powerful! Yes, email support and she’ll send you a copy of the transcript for this episode. we’re working on creating a nice version of an ebook of transcripts but that episode isn’t quite ready yet. If you’re okay with a copy/paste version, then she can provide that. Wishing you the best on the journey to your Future Self!

  2. The part about what to do when those in your circle are not supportive really hit home. I so needed to hear where in the scriptures to find inspiration for this. Thank you.

  3. Brooke,

    Could I get the transcript also? This episode really broke down what I’ve been missing when I have wanted to strive in becoming this better person in so many aspects in my life. I’d also like to instill this in myself so I can understand it enough to teach it to my children. Thank you for your great work!

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