Ep. 75 See the Divine Self

You’ve probably heard the the invitation to “see others the way God see’s them” many times before.  It’s a wonderful aspiration, and yet can often remain in the abstract. How do you actually do this? How do you see anyone–yourself, your family, your friends, and ultimately all of humanity–with God’s eyes? Sometimes this is easier said than done.  Especially when we find ourselves in relationships or moments of challenge where love can be most difficult. In today’s podcast I am excited to talk about what influences the way we see, and how we can change who we see in a very practical way. And for the first time ever, I have included with this episode a guided meditation as my own gift to you in making this a deeper reality in your own life.


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3 Responses

  1. I prayed this morning. Breathe, posture, forgive. I prayed for something specific, my feeling of loss in my marriage. Nothing huge, just a bump. But my prayer was so heartfelt. And I asked the Lord to answer this prayer. “Alexa, play Brooke Snow” (first time I’ve used that command) while I am baking cookies and doing dishes. The Divine Self episode begins right away. Then, There it was… the plank in MY eye! As you described the scripture, the natural self that put planks in my eye so that I could not see my husband’s diviness because I held my loss, of my father, of my first 2 husbands, fears of abandonment that I think I’ve overcome, but there they were, a plank. And because I still fear, it is easier to judge my husband instead of freeing myself and giving that fear to Jesus Christ. Now, the meditation… yes, I’m putting the dishes down, and I’m sitting and listening with you. No, I won’t look for my husband’s divine self, even though I see things on him, I must look into my own self. “See yourself as God sees you” I hear at the beginning…. I choke, tears stream. Breathe. Pride from above and below, judgements, all blowing away on the breeze, leaving ME. My day was calm. My spirit renewed. My prayer was answered, I know how to let go of the loss. It will take more work, I’ve been carrying it for 62 years. I feel better. Thank you so much for including that meditation. I am learning so much from you. Every podcast has touched my soul, and especially today, as you were the vehicle to hear God’s answer to my prayer. Thank you for playing your part!

    1. Loretta!

      Thank you so much for your comment and for sharing your story with me! This is beautiful! I love that you were able to learn and also experience how God sees YOU :). You’re absolutely right that this is a process that requires practice :). I love that you have tasted of what it is like, and I encourage you to keep practicing! You are Divine! Truly 🙂

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