Ep. 70: Are You Giving Too Much?

Are you giving too much? Is there such a thing? YES!

Today I’m excited to begin Season 6 and a mini series on a topic that is foundational to Every Branch: Real life balance.

Life balance is a controversial and debated topic. Does it exist or is it an elusive quest for the impossible? I believe in real life balance. Not a fake perfected version that is unattainable. A real version of balance that accounts for all of life’s tensions. The very nature of balance is to hold two opposing elements in a manageable way.

Two opposing elements that I want to talk about today are GIVING and RECEIVING.

Both are fundamental to your growth and happiness. And if you’re overly focused on one, your life will feel out of balance.



1. Marriage.
2. Parenting
3. Work
4. Social Media
5. Friendships
6. Self Care
7. God
8. Community
9. Education/Development
10. Your Body


Pick one area from above that doesn’t feel good in your life right now. What is the GIVE/RECEIVE balance like?

If you are imbalanced towards giving, pick one thing you can do to receive more.
If you are imbalanced towards receiving, pick one thing you can do to give more.

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