Ep. 57 The Mind of the World

You’ve likely heard the phrase “Live in the world, but not of the world” several times. What does that mean to you? Today we’re going to dive into this topic as it relates to the literal connection we have to the world, in the palm of our hand. Our phones, tablets, and devices. Access to the world has never been easier, or more prevalent than it is today. If you’ve ever felt the effects of a little too much connection and desired to reassess your relationship to that connection, then you’ll love today’s episode. I’m sharing with you the paradigm shift that dramatically changed my own experience and made it easier for me to place some healthy boundaries that have made my life so much happier.

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Brooke! I related to this episode so incredibly much. Since we just finished studying all about the mists of darkness in come follow me, it is fresh on my mind. You worded it and explained it all so incredibly well! I have been feeling exactly what you described. Stuck! Stuck in a cloud of everyone else’s ideas! Which have been taking up all of the extra time that I could be creating, that I could be studying, that I could be making that special photo album for my kids, or trying my hand at sewing, or whatever else! You confirmed exactly what I have been feeling. Thank you! You are truly a light in this ever darkening and clouded world And for that I am so grateful!

    1. thank you so much Melissa! It is amazing what space for light we can create in our life just by putting some boundaries around the mind of the world! Even if it’s not all day long boundaries! I know it’s been a great blessing to me! Excited for you to figure out the boundaries that work for you personally! Good luck in the journey!

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