Ep. 33 Increasing Agency

We all know we have agency–the amazing ability to choose–but did you know that it can feel like a finite resource? Our ability to choose what is best for us is often harder than it should be. It all depends on the habits we have in our daily life. Today we’re going to take a little quiz to discover how reactive or proactive we are, and I’m going to share with you my two habits that increase my agency the most. Sound good? Let’s get started!

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2 Responses

  1. Brooke! First of all I am truly grateful for those who guided me to you! To your podcast! They followed through on your suggestion to “share.” And I will continue to do the same. You truly are a bright light and I marvel at the way in which you teach, inspire and bring a new perspective to the simple acts of becoming our best! This specific podcast on “increasing agency” was exactly what I needed today. It solidified my thoughts on moving forward with meditation and making that an important part of bettering me! Thank you! Thank you! Keep shining my friend!

    1. Brittany! How glorious to meet you! I’m so grateful for your comment and also for your willingness to share my podcast with others! Thank you for your encouragement and support! And I’m thrilled to know the “increasing agency” episode was just what you needed! Cheering you on in your meditation journey as well! You’re amazing!!

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