Ep. 3 The Power of Quitting

When I heard Bob Goff speak years ago, he candidly remarked,

“I quit something every Thursday!”

I was amazed! Here’s a man that has accomplished more than any other person I know, and I wondered if his habit of quitting was one of the reasons for his success in finishing the things that really matter.

In today’s podcast Ep. 3 The Power of Quitting, I am sharing my story of quitting social media this year and how this single decision has affected every part of my life.

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants (or knows) they need to quit something in life that isn’t supporting their highest good.


New York Times highlighting the Cal Newport experiment of quitting social media

Quit Social Media TEDx Talk by Cal Newport


3 Responses

  1. Brooke! So nice to hear your voice and I smiled so big to see you mention the wonderful Bob Goff! I’ve been limiting my access to social media but may now attempt to quit. How about a week? Ha!

    1. Oh you are a fellow Bob Goff fan too?!?! Isn’t he just the best!!? I love him! Good luck in your own quitting journey!

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