Ep. 14 What is True Self Care?

Today’s podcast topic is a bit of a play on words. What is true-self care? I’m talking specifically about your true-self. How do you care for your true-self? What is the difference is between your true self and false self? And what caring for your true-self may look like for you.


  1. Ep. 11 Bless 7 People With What You Want Most
  2. Living In Your True Identity by Brooke Snow. My book! A valuable resource for clearing away the false identity in your life and empowering you to live in your true-self.
  3. Happy Holidays On Purpose Webinar. Register HERE. This webinar is live on October 23rd, and also available for purchase afterwards to listen to the recording.

Update! Brooke Snow’s new Co Create app available for download!

One Response

  1. Thank you. This episode taught me several new things that I know will bless my life and pull me out of a difficult time. This episode also reminded me of practices I used to make time for, but let slide. Thank you.

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