Ep 138 The Transactional Gospel vs. Unconditional Love

How do you believe blessings work? Do you earn them? Are blessings rewards from heaven for good behavior? Is salvation earned through your works or are we really saved by grace? In this episode we’re talking about the transactional gospel, which is the belief that we are rewarded or punished according to our actions. I’m sharing how this belief has played out in my life and why I’m now ready to let it go for a better way.


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Original Grace by Adam Miller: One of the most pivotal books of my spiritual journey.

Ep. Book Club: Original Grace by Adam Miller: In this episode I introduce the book and share how it has fundamentally changed my life.

2 Responses

  1. This podcast is now my favorite one from you. You articulated so many truths in the short time that spoke timeless truths we can all embrace. I love that it ties in with Charity as we give to others the same love and fulfill the two great commandments from Jesus Christ. Love God, Love Others. The morning after I listened to you, I listened to the Inklings.institute discussion (on Instagram) with Emily Belle Freeman and Emily Snyder, on Camille Johnson’s conference talk ‘Jesus is Relief’ and Mosiah 18; baptismal covenants to mourn with others given at the waters of Mormon, a wild fearful place. So many aha moments. I am forever changed. I love the hug we can give ourselves everyday to feel Christ’s unconditional love and relief in a tangible way. Especially when we are not able to be hugged by others because of our circumstances. I am always in awe of the way God’s message comes to us all in the same week in layers; Conference talk, Inklings, your podcast, and the Book of Mormon, words of President Nelson on Charity. He is tutoring us today, we are becoming Zion!

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