Ep 129 Tiny Tip: How to Love Hard to Love People

These tiny tips are designed to give you one small thing you can do to be a better creator in your life. Each tip is inspired by the Law of Creation. Creation includes what we see, say, feel, and do, which leads to who we become. If you want a deep dive into the law of creation, check out my free law of creation course on my app, Co Create by Brooke Snow, found in the apple and google app stores or visit brookesnow.com/app.

We all have people who are easy to love and those who are… a little harder?

Somehow God is able to love all of us unconditionally, and I’m convinced it has everything to do with God’s ability to see more expansively than we do. God see’s past, present, and future all compounded into one and doesn’t rush the process of a person needing to be finished growing before they can be loved. God can love the acorn, the seedling, the young tree, and the mature tree at every stage. We don’t have to wait until the end to have love and acceptance because They know who they created and what we are to become and rejoice in the line upon line process of creation.

Practicing how to see others the way God see’s is a lifelong pursuit, and there are many ways to do this. Allow me to share one simple tip that has helped me see others with more love and compassion that usually works instantly.

Years ago I studied with a world renowned photographer. He believed everyone was photogenic. He could make any person look beautiful because he had a gift for bringing out their true self. And surprise, the true self is a beautiful look on everyone. People say they’re not photogenic, but instead of relaxing and joyfully showing their divine self that comes out in the moments we’re with those we love and trust, we can put up a wall of insecurity when a stranger with a camera comes around.

The point of his class was to teach us photographers how to bring out this true self in those we photographed. He told us that in order for someone to show you their true self, you must see it first.

He said, “If you see someone through the lens of judgement, stereotype, or labels, then they will feel it. You must love them for them to trust you with the gift of seeing their true self.”

He then addressed the elephant in the room.

What if you don’t love them?
What if you hardly know them?
What if you just met them five minutes before their photo session?

So how do you deal with this?
How do you look past stereotypes we are all quick to make?
How do you see someone for who they really are?

The photographer’s response was surprising.

He said, “if you struggle feeling love for someone, then imagine them as a little baby. Imagine them as they came into the world. Pure. Free. Innocent. They could do nothing wrong, and surely their mother loved them. Imagine what she must have felt for them as a tiny little baby.”

This little exercise is a remarkable way to quickly move into seeing someone differently. What happens is like a fast motion rewind of time. We can go back to the purity of who someone was before we made judgements on their behavior or who they are. We just see innocence. Nothing has happened yet for us to resist and with all those things out of the way it’s easier to see the divine in someone else.

This is a great practice for how we see everyone from strangers to those who live in our own house. Practice seeing the other person as a little baby.

See their innocence.
See their purity.
See their light.

God loves them. And so can you. Especially with the help of seeing with the eyes of heaven.

See it.
Say it.
Feel it.
Do it.
Become it.

You are a creator, no go Co Create something great.

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