Easter [Family Life Project 52]

This weeks Family Life Project theme is


Buzzy was particularly adorable for church this week wearing a suit that Ben wore when he was a little boy. As such, it was a great opportunity to take a family picture since we were all dressed up.

It is at this moment that I would like to sing a little “ode to the tri-pod and timer”. Please que the orchestra:

Praise to the tri-pod

I love you so

You take my family pictures

Where ‘ere we go

Without you I’d be missing

From the photos here

But now I’ll be remembered

With my loved ones dear

After church we headed to my Grandma’s for the traditional Easter Egg hunt. Buzzy hasn’t taken a nap for weeks and of all the times to fall asleep in the car, it was on the drive there.

Poor Buzzy. Poor tired Buzzy who missed the whole Easter Egg Hunt frenzy…

So instead, I got to capture all my extended family :)

My lovely niece with her Easter bounty.


After Buzzy woke up we went and hid approximately nine eggs for him to find on his own private hunt.

The best part was that he kept wanting more eggs to find so I’d just take a handful of eggs out of his basket and hide them all over again.

I think we hid those same eggs about five times :) And each time the enthusiasm was the same! 2 year olds are great!

 Take advantage of extended family gatherings

To be honest, in the past I’d typically leave the camera home for family gatherings or at minimum I would have just photographed the kids during the Easter Egg hunt.  I’m trying to be more conscious of the special opportunity that these gatherings provide.

Its not often that we are all together, so I tried to take advantage of showing ALL the meaningful relationships in my life here through photos.

 Find a good background with good light.


 Lighten the mood through some fun interaction.

(We got Uncle Benny to do the chicken dance, we sang songs, and I asked for tickles and secret pinches! ;) )

 It’s the interaction that brings emotion.

It’s the emotion that makes the images more than a documented stamp of “Easter–April 2012”.

People aren’t always going to be dressed for formal family portraits and might be hesitant for pictures.

BUT..if you can interact in a way that makes the whole experience FUN, short and sweet, and interactive, then these casual shots will be worth their weight in gold for your family.

Catch Rhonda’s version HERE!

Brooke Snow is a Lifestyle photographer in Cache Valley, Utah.  She loves to re-live her child-hood through the experiences of her son. She’s afraid that her life would be very boring and super serious without the wonder he brings to the everyday adventure.  Is there any way to bottle and preserve that child-like fascination with life?

Brooke teaches inspiring online photography classes that bring you confidence in your skills and creativity.

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