New Class! Natural Light: From Start to Finish

Registration opens this Monday, July 30th, for all my online courses. This registration is particularly monumental for me, since I am unveiling a brand new course for the first time!

Natural Light: From Start to Finish

I’m totally biased, I know, but I truly believe that this course is the absolute most definitive, engaging, well taught class on natural light that you’ll find anywhere online. If you want the freedom to shoot with natural light at ALL TIMES OF DAY and in ALL CONDITIONS, then this course is nothing short of amazing. I’m teaching how to work with natural light in the best way I know how…


Come with me on over seven different live video shoots all shot during different times of day and in different challenging locations and see first hand how to get the best light in those circumstances. Each session includes live editing videos that highlight images straight out of the camera and show you the basic simple adjustments made in Lightroom that take the image to a professional finish. Want an exciting peek at some of the class video footage? Check out the video below!

In addition to the live session features, this course includes in depth weekly lessons on utilizing natural light and exciting corresponding homework assignments. Our course outline will include discussion on learning how to find the best light, troubleshooting–the solutions to each lighting challenge–, and using light to tell a story and create compelling composition.

This course will be available in Self Study and Premium student format. For all the lovely details about this course CLICK HERE.

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  1. Brooke, this looks like a fabulous workshop! Too bad I’m already committed to another during August! Do you have a schedule of your workshops? I would love to attend, but I need an earlier heads up in the future! I love your blog too!

    1. Hi Cristin! Sounds like you have an exciting month ahead! This is the debut section of the Natural Light course, but it will be a regular workshop that I offer throughout the year. We’d love to have you join us when the time is right for you!

  2. Hi Brooke, I read Elizabeth Halford’s website and when she said she took a class from you i thought once again, how fortunate I was to take my first class with you. Hope your having a lovely summer. Don’t be surprised when i save up enough to take another class. your the greatest!

    1. What a beautiful comment! Thank you so much! Though I love the freedom of teaching online, I do miss the fabulous in person interaction of students and look back on those fun relationships we were able to establish with fondness! You’re so great! Hopefully I can run into you again at the farmers market this year before the year ends! Enjoy the rest of the summer!

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