Carissa: Class of 2010

Carissa described herself and her style as “ecclectic”.  I think we totally captured that!

What a diversely talented girl!  She sings, plays guitar, is a star debater, smart, witty, and on and on!  What a beautiful and fun girl!

Thanks for driving all the way from Wyoming for your session, Carissa!  You rocked it out!











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  1. I love ’em. All of them. I don’t know Carissa, but I feel like I know her from your pics. She’ll undoubtedly be thrilled with these. Great job, as always.

  2. Wow Brooke, your stuff always amazes me. I love three as well. It looks like the cover to a book….say….could I use this for a cover if I ever write a book?

  3. OH MY HECK Brooke…I LOVE the field shots with the papers. THAT is FUN FUN FUN! GREAT starburst capture. WAHOOOOOO!!!!!

    Ok…ya wanna know something funny? I really do have a hard time keeping up with other photogs, BUT I was just reading my about page on my blog & you had commented….so I take it you moved up here to Cache Valley? If so WHY HAVE WE not gone to lunch???? HELLO!!!…LOL! We totally need to meet! Let me know! Laters chickadee!

  4. The flying papers? Genius!!!! AWESOME shots! How do you convince people to bring separate outfits? I’ve tried and they seem to think it’s too much work (party poopers!) 🙂

    1. Hey Rhonda! Multiple outfits have never been a problem for me with Seniors! They seem to get rather excited to bring “the whole closet!”. I like it because it varies things up quite a bit and changes the look. Come to think of it though… Seniors are usually the only ones that do many outfit changes… Wait…engagement sessions usually have one outfit change as well that I encourage (dressy vs. casual). But most of my families and kids only go for one look. You can always emphasize the “variety” of style and images that more than one outfit will supply!

  5. I love the mood of all the shots but especially #3. What beauty you brought out in Carissa and what unique pictures.

  6. Carissa is my niece. My brother is her Dad. Wow is correct!!!
    She is all grown up looking. Look out boys!! Great photo shoot! Hats off to you the photographer and to my beautiful niece whom I love very much. Can not wait to see all of the photos. Love the outdoors. As your grand mother always said do as well as you look and you will go far. Look out world–Carissa Byars is about to step up and step out!!!
    I love you dearly Aunt Claudia

  7. So basically this girl is mah best friends and so I like to think that I know her well enough… Well I just have to say that the photos really capture her style whether it be the hippie dress in the field to jeans to her amazing professional look. Gosh. this photo shoot really did her justice. and she looked way rockin’ in every picture! kudos to the both of you.

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