Black Friday

One of my all time favorite Photography books is for sale for 50% off today!!!

If you are in the photography business, or looking to get there, you should absolutely have a copy of this book!

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Here’s an excerpt of a blog post I did almost a year ago, reviewing the book:

January 13th, 2009

I’m continually amazed at the great photographers out there and what they are offering to those rather new in the industry.  Amazed not only at their talent and what they are creating, but amazed at the quality of people they are.  Giving, sincere, compassionate, and focused on the more meaningful aspects of business.  I just spend the entire morning reading a new book that arrived last night in the mail. To anyone out there considering getting into the photography business, BUY THIS BOOK! Any photographer can benefit greatly, whether you’re into portraiture or weddings.  Dane speaks through a humble yet compelling voice that helps aspiring professionals realize where they are, “who” they are, where they want to go, and how to get there.

So many great thoughts came to me during the read, that I’m sure I’ll have to dedicate a few days to organizing, writing out, and planning how I can improve myself and my business for 2009!  I can hardly contain the excitement!

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