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Some fabulous reads for the week!

1. INSPIRATIONAL: Surrounded by David Du Chemin was a great reminder of how we truly accomplish the big goals of our life. If you have followed David’s personal journey as of late, you know that he is learning to walk again after falling off a high bridge in Italy while teaching a photography workshop. The man was an inspiration before the near fatality and now he’s teaching us all through his incredible trial.

2. PERSONALITY: Can a Shy Photographer Be Successful?. You have to love Jasmine Star. I so relate to her confessions of this post. I am always out of my comfort zone when photographing. I’m not outgoing. I’m totally introverted, and completely prefer small groups and hanging with people I already know. Photography has forced me to get out of my comfort zone, and in some ways brings out an entirely new “Brooke” that is usually on reserve for performance mode only. There’s a lot to be said, for overcoming those tendencies and I’m so glad that she points out that its a necessity.

3. USING NATURAL LIGHT INDOORS: Simple Portrait Set-Up by Rachel Durik. Awesome. Here’s a fabulous trick and tip to getting some great shots inside. I love to use doors, windows, and the garage, for some amazing light. Super easy, and everyone should have access to one without spending more money! Hooray for that!

4. TIME MANAGEMENT/INSPIRATION: The Myth of Time Management Brilliant Article by Jonathan. I so love that he shifts our priority to the WHY we do things, instead of just the HOW. A must read.

5. TECHNO STUFF FOR NON TECHNO PEOPLE: Don’t Fear the Internet was a fun find this week. Especially since I suddenly am forced to be doing all my blogging and classes in an html editor now. Imagine Ben’s delightful surprise to discover that we could have an entire conversation about coding last evening. He was enthralled that we could almost speak the same language for once. Still not my favorite stuff in the world (I like the result, but not the effort), but this makes it a tad easier!

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  1. I adore #2, Heidi pointed it out to me earlier this week and I found it inspiring. I’m naturally such an introvert, yet I’m very outgoing amongst my friends. I also totally understand what you mean about “performance mode”. I’m more comfortable on stage than I am making small talk with strangers.

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