Best Of

1.  RAINY DAY PHOTO IDEAS:  Weather is nothing that you can typically count on.  But instead of getting gloomy about how you can’t go out and shoot, take note of some these awesome ideas for using the rain as a tool HERE and HERE.  Still, one of my favorite shoots from last year was my own rain shoot 🙂

2.  PHOTOGRAPHERS VS. THE MUSIC INDUSTRY. As a musician myself I found this series on the proper use of music for photographers so very important.  Do you play music on your site? In client slideshows? Or use music in any other form?  You’ll want to read PART 1, Part 2, and Part 3 🙂

3.  HAPPINESS:  Seth’s post “If you’re happiness is based on always getting a little more than you’ve got” was a good timely reminder for me.  It’s amazing how sometimes what we have just isn’t enough.  Living with fullness is more a mindset than facts in place.

4.  SELF LOVE. I loved Natalies post on 5 Reasons To Take Care of You.  I’m trying harder than ever before to do this right now, and still feel like my well is empty some days.  It just baffles me how much our home and family is influenced by how full my own well is and how much daily effort that really takes… but everyone is better off for it.

5.  WHY I PRINT. I loved to hear David DuChemin’s thoughts on why he prints his images.  His reasons are very different from mine, as is his nomadic bachelor lifestyle, but I saw things from a new perspective.  So grateful he shared his thoughts on this.

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