Best Of

1.  THE SCIENCE OF FACIAL EXPRESSIONS.  Yes, it’s actually a science!  Quite fascinating to see the detailed breakdown of how to distinguish between a fake smile and a real one :)

2.  HOW TO GET SHARP PHOTOS.  Elizabeth nailed it with this post.  My favorite tip is lens choice.  There’s a reason I shoot exclusively with prime lenses!  They’re delightfully SHARP!

3.  INSPIRING PHOTOGRAPHY:  I was just introduced to the body of work of Gregory Colbert.  The emotion and connection between his subjects and animals is breathtaking.

4.  WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU FALL OUT OF LOVE WITH YOUR WORK.  Burned out? Frustrated? Not finding as much joy as you once did with your work?  I love how Jonathan details our work relationship as being similar to our life relationships. If you have fallen out of love, you need to figure out what went wrong and nurture the relationship back to where it needs to be.

5.  DISEASES THAT PLAGUE PHOTOGRAPHERS.  If you are even semi passionate about photography, chances are that you have suffered one of these diseases before.  Good to know there is a cure :)

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