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1.  BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS:  Okay, so this article will at first make you think it has nothing to do with business since it gloriously highlights another passion of mine (sustainable and organic food), but Tara brilliantly brings in some great questions in the conclusion that are profound.  How do you define your business? Do you let the market define your business, or do you confidently build a brand around your own beliefs and standards despite what everyone else is doing?

Business courses are great and I highly recommend them, but one common missing piece I see is that they usually lead people down a formulaic path that has worked for many…but who’s to say that is the best way for you? What about defining your business around the things that you are passionate about?  What about defining your business around your exact demographic market and community?  What about building a business that takes out all the parts of business that you don’t like?  Business shouldn’t just serve you financially, it should serve you emotionally. If there are parts that don’t feel comfortable, and don’t bring you joy, there needs to be some redefining.

2.  BUSINESS TECHNICAL:  How to set up an email account that uses your own domain name.  If you’re in business and still using the email of, this is a must read!  I still use gmail as my email provider but it is masked to display as my domain name instead. Super cool. And way more professional.

3.  GETTING SHARP PHOTOS:  I’ve long admired Audrey Woulards mastery of sharp photos with extremely shallow depth of field.  This is a great post where she shares her tips on how she manages to get those sharp photos. And please note, that not once does she mention using a sharpening action in photoshop 🙂  It really truly must take place in camera first.

4.  3 WAYS TO BEAT IDEA OVERLOAD.  So I just discovered Mayi Carles and think she’s just delightful. Loved her ideas in her video on how to move out of decision or idea paralysis and into action.

5.  BEING COMFORTABLE WITH SELF-PROMOTION: I know I’m not the only one who has felt uncomfortable with self promotion before.  This article was a great paradigm shift for me. Confident self-promotion is simply radiating your passion with the facts.  Think about that word “radiate” .  There isn’t anything slimy or slick talking about that at all.

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  1. Was so excited when I saw the announcement last week about the family field guide. I don’t do many couples, and had been going back and forth thinking about buying the regular field guide and trying to apply the techniques to families. I just ordered the family guide today and cannot wait to get started!

      1. Wahoo for you, Sara! So excited to see you got the Family Field guide! Its just delightful. I had a huge smile on my face the whole time I was reading through it 🙂 You’re in for a real treat! Thanks for sharing your excitement!

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