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1. WHAT LENS SHOULD YOU GET?:  Two great articles on lenses.  A) This one talks about the recommended lenses for each purpose and breaks it down by budget. B) This article details the benefits of a prime lens (my absolutely hands down favorite type of lens that I can’t live without!).

2.  HOW TO MAKE AN AWESOME PORTFOLIO: This article was so spot on.  I myself need to go in and do some filtering to my portfolio after reading this.  A few things I love that James brought up? Don’t use music on your site.  Don’t use splash pages (never heard this before but loved his reasoning and need to reconsider my own splash page now.)  Great tips to refine your presentation.

3.  20 TIPS TO STARTING YOUR BUSINESS:  Spencer broke this list into two parts. Part One and Part Two.  Both awesome.

4.  EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT PHOTO BOOKS:  I just discovered The Photo Book Girl.  You’ll find reviews, coupon codes, and tips for photo books.  Incredible resource!  Check out this post on tips for designing the best album.

5.  INSPIRATION: 50 Photos to Blow You Away.  I look at way too much portrait photography, so wandering through these images was such a breath of fresh air. I hope you enjoy them as well!

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  1. I have been a blog stalker of your for a while now. I decided to stop stalking and leave a message. The 50 inspiring photos are amazing…breathtaking…make you stop and think…

    I’m super excited to be more proactive in future post. Thanks for all you advice.

    1. Rebecca! My goodness! Thank you for saying hello! I love and read every single comment! I appreciate you taking the time and am thrilled that you have benefited from the blog!

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