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1.  TIME MANAGEMENT:  I know there are a lot of associations with that word, but its still a fascinating topic for me.  I loved Sarah Bray’s 90 Minute Work Day description.  It resembles something similar that I have recently adopted myself and love the results.  Its particularly useful for those work from home entrepreneurs.

2.  YEAR IN REVIEW: Just like last year, I was eager to see Chris mention his Annual Review he does for himself personally and for his business.  I tried it last year and seriously loved it.  Its a simple task of writing down “what went right” and “what went wrong”?  True value in both. Life is full of lessons to teach us, but learning on the fly is less impactive than taking the time to process it.

3.  INSPIRATION:  Did you catch this interview with Cheryl Nicolai?  I’ve always been so impressed with the interviews she has done.  She has such depth in her artistic perspective of life and the world.

4.  THOUGHT PROVOKING:  A new definition of win.

5.  BUSINESS:  I still don’t know where I found a spare hour and a half to watch THIS VIDEO on Chase Jarvis Live, but it was so worth it! Chocked full of incredible discussion on marketing, business, pricing, negotiating, and a million other helpful tips.  (There is a moment of offensive language used. My only complaint.)

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