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1.  FRUGALITY: Don’t Waste Your Money: 6 Regrettable Photography Purchases. I have actually wanted to write my own review on specific things that I have wasted my money on but can’t bring myself to be specific and potentially harm another business when other people may have a completely different perspective on the usefulness of the product.  Needless to say, in general terms: photoshop actions, design templates, what to wear guides, email templates, and props are among my wasted indulgences that have in no way paid for themselves.

2.  NATURAL/COMFORTABLE LOOKING SUBJECTS: How to deal with the Chandler Bing Face.  This in many ways is a humorous article, but mainly because its so relatable.  More than just being uncomfortable, I have suddenly in the last few months developed an amazing eye for spotting the “camera smile”.  Many people actually have great looking camera smiles, but the downside is that a smile isn’t real until the spark of emotion hits the eyes.  I’m currently on a mission to abolish all those conditioned “camera smiles” from my work…

3.  TUTORIAL: How to Use Google Reader in Real Format: Super excited to find out about this little tool.  I view all my blogs in google reader and regret that I miss out on the lovely design and blog perks that are on the real blogs.  This tool integrates it all back for you!  Super cool!

4.  INSPIRATIONAL: A Content-Worth Life? I loved this post by Jonathan.  LOVED IT.  So often it is easy to live in a virtual world–the world where we have blinders on because we are so plugged into a million distractions that we don’t take the time to actually live. Read his post, then think about how it relates to your creativity.  If we’re not feeling creative, perhaps its because we need to go and LIVE a little.

5.  TUTORIAL: A Photographers Guide to Understanding Histograms. Posting this makes it look like I am endorsing histograms.  I do endorse them, but admittedly rarely use them 🙂  Nonetheless, I still think they’re important if you don’t already know your camera’s idiosyncrasies of exposure and how to nail the perfect shot.

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  1. I, too, just found the google reader thing! I’ve been using it ever since. I only go to my reader to add new feeds, and I actually installed the bookmarklet to subscribe too! LOVE IT!

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