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Some good inspiration this week!

1. ¬†POSING: The Art of Lying. Written by my fabulous photography teachers back in the day… some excellent tips on posing and great illustrations ūüôā

2. ¬†AUTHENTICITY: Just Say No To Cheesy Engagement Photos. When I first became interested in photography I was drawn to the surface level pleasure of creating something visually appealing. ¬†I have years worth of images that don’t make sense. ¬†So happy to have crossed that bridge now in effort to create work that lasts over trends. ¬†Spoken from a victim of bridal shots taken in a graffiti alleyway. ¬†What was I thinking? What was my photographer thinking? ¬†There is a reason they’ve never been printed… and it has nothing to do with photographic technic and everything to do with authenticity. It just so wasn’t me. Do we give credence to authenticity in the work we create for others?

3. ¬†INSPIRATION: My Advice For Aspiring Photographers. ¬†Its an old post, and as true today as ever. ¬†Loved Cheryl’s words… particularly the first quote: “Style is a voice, not a prop or an action. If you can buy it, borrow it, download it, or steal it, it is not a style. Don’t look outward for your style; look inward.” Check it out!

4. ¬†MEANING: No Place Like Home. Loved this article. ¬†“Home is where we discover our vision and hang our hearts.” ¬†Too often we journey outward and far away for inspiration and in the pursuit of success, when what we already have is enough.

5.  INTERACTION: Facilitating Interaction in a Non-Creative Environment.  I love any article on interaction!  Some great tips to bring in the emotion you need to make compelling images!

BONUS: Happy Fourth of July! ¬†Here’s a great tutorial on capturing some great fireworks photos!

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  1. I really needed the post about being an aspiring photographer! (the “No place like home” link isn’t working.)

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