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This week:

1. PHOTO HUMOR: This chart was awesome 🙂 And hilariously true! I think I’ve been all over the chart here!

2. INSPIRATION: How to Develop a Healthy Relationship with Failure. This is an awesome video interview with my friend, Jesh De Rox 🙂 A great reminder to be a little kinder to ourselves!

3. ENCOURAGEMENT: I love Natalie Norton’s passion for life and positive thinking and this post was no exception. Someday I’m going to meet her in real life and high five her 🙂

4. PERSPECTIVE: I’ve always been an admirer of Rodney Smith (who also writes the most intriguing blog posts that usually have nothing much to do with photography yet they do…)His SMILE post was particularly intriguing. “The truth is no portrait of substance has people smiling.” Interesting thought? You’ll have to read it for his perspective. Not sure I entirely agree, but there is absolutely something to be said for his point of view.

5. BELOVED: Elizabeth Halford blogged about her own experience with Beloved, that I’m sure you’ll enjoy! Heavens, I could post about Beloved all day long, so what a refresh to have it come from someone new 😉

So what do you think? Any posts spark some thoughts from you?!

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  1. is it terrible that although I read through and watched all the great videos and articles all I can think about is your phrase “my friend Jesh” =) LOVE IT!

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