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1. INSPIRATION: Ten Things Every Creative Person (That’s YOU) Must Learn.  Amen to Chase Jarvis.  My favorite of his list: Don’t aim for ‘better’, aim for ‘different’.
It’s funny how related “better” and “different” are. If you aim for ‘better’ that usually means you’re walking in the footsteps of someone else. There will often be someone better than you, someone making those footsteps you’re following… But if you target being different–thinking in new ways, creating new things–then you are blazing your own trail. And in blazing your own trail, making your own footprints, you are far more likely to find yourself being ‘better’ without even trying. Better becomes easy because it’s really just different. You can’t stand out from the crowd by just being better. You have to be different.”

2. PHOTOGRAPHIC TECHNIC: Photographing Perfect Sunset Silhouette Portraits Every Time.  Silhouettes can be amazingly fun.  I’m always fascinated by how much they can communicate, despite lacking the usual detail of facial features and expressions.  A great trick to have up your sleeve for those perfect moments.

3.  SELF ASSESSMENT: Whose Game Are You Playing Anyway? Some wise words from Amber on how to protect our creativity from the ebb and flow of discouragement, comparison, and media influences. I love her suggestion for finding satisfaction and fulfillment now–just as things are.

4.  CREATIVE IMAGINATION: Images like this amaze me at the incredible creativity out there.  I love Barb’s work.  It reminds me of looking at a children’s book that is brilliantly illustrated by photography.  Wouldn’t that be fun?

5.  PORTFOLIO TIPS:  Editing Your Portfolio.  If there is a man who knows the ins and outs and amazingly helpful tips for showcasing a portfolio its Zach.  Some sage advice shared here. If you really want to have a serious education in what to keep or cull in your portfolio, check out his hilariously honest website critiques HERE.  Warning: it will probably make you want to dump half your images…but in a good way 🙂

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