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Ooh.  Some fabulous things to share!  Hope you enjoy!

1.  INSPIRATION.  This post made me cry.  Noelia lives in Spain and has just finished my Advanced Pro course.  What a delight to see this as her final homework submission.  I’m so inspired.

2.  CAMERA BAG SEARCH:  So I had an unfortunate disaster happen last week.  My camera fell out of my camera bag and my 50mm 1.4 lens broke.  Its the first fatality I’ve ever had with my gear. Be it known, however, that the reason the camera fell out was because the bag I was using was too small and I couldn’t zip it all the way up with the camera inside.  Thus I finally broke down and insisted that I needed a suitable camera bag for once and for all.  This post was really helpful in determining what was actually out there to choose from.  Some I knew about and some I didn’t.  I ended up going with one that I had never ever heard of before, because it was “so Brooke”.  I’ll tell more after it arrives.

3.  SO SMART:  Speaking of Bags… I loved Leah’s post on “What inside Leah’s Bag”.  I expected to see the usual gear list photographers tout, and instead found some truly innovative ideas that can be really helpful!

4.  HOW TO CREATE POWERFUL IMAGES:  Loved This Post by Spencer.  I think every photographer (pro or hobby) should read it!  He dispels the reason why copying and imitating don’t work in making images powerful.  Its about creating responses, and finding emotion that bring the power.  Good read!

5.  TAKING CARE OF YOU.  Such a great reminder of the importance of caring for ourselves.  Especially as creative people, we must continue to fill the well in order to withdraw.

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  1. I love your “Best of” more than anything else. Okay, not true… I love all your stuff. But thank you for summarizing and highlighting these great finds each week!

  2. I’ve been meaning to comment on this all week. LOVE the first link so much.
    Your summer pics of the girls and horse were dripping with delish light too. Glad I came to the blog because it seems the first photo on your posts usually does not show up in my feedreader (yahoo) not sure why?

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