My Before/After Transformation

Change is hard to notice when it happens in increments. But when it swings your life like a pendulum, it can shake you to the very core.

I have felt the pendulum swing in the last 8 weeks dramatically. June/July were some of the hardest months I’ve had in several years. My poor little self couldn’t emotionally handle the stress of parenthood, going another month with no job offers for my super qualified husband’s job search, I was tired of every possible responsibility on my plate, and downright unhappy. I was working too much, playing too little, and each day felt like a hurdle. My relationships were suffering and I couldn’t figure out why people couldn’t just think and act more like I wanted them to! I stopped posting regularly on my blog, stopped my 52 week family life project, recycled old material and longed for the days where I felt regularly inspired to return again.

In the midst of this struggle I stumbled upon a program and book that CHANGED MY LIFE.

It’s humbling to find such direction when we weren’t even seeking it out. A little heavenly gift from the divine who knows what we need, even when we don’t.

Enter: Dressing Your Truth. A program that on first assessment appears to be about teaching you how to dress according to your energy/personality but is so much more. On the outward level of appearance, it’s been an astounding experience to discover tools that for the first time in my life have me feeling confident and fully embracing my appearance. I now understand what colors, design line, fabric, texture, and patterns look best on me. I know what hair style looks best on me. I know what make up looks best on me and what jewelry and assessories will be the most flattering. Taking the time to figure out those simple guidelines and following them has been amazing. Changing how I look has helped me change how I feel.

On a far deeper and more significant level, this program has illuminated my life relationships. It has improved my marriage and made me a better mother. Before you dive into the program you are introduced to four different energy types. It’s not a multiple choice test where you add up your answers, but you simply read through the descriptions of each type and find the one that resonates the strongest with you. I learned more about myself through that assessment than I have in 30+ years of trying to figure out who I was. I learned more about my husband through reading the other profiles than I have in five years of marriage. I learned more about my strengths and weaknesses, and finally came to the most wonderful acceptance of who I was and WHY I was that way instead of regularly feeling that I needed to change certain behaviors to be like someone else.

I now have a reference point for all my family conflict! I now have a reference point for my own inner struggles! That type of information is PURE GOLD!

Yes, to say that this program is just about knowing how to dress your best is a gross understatement. It has changed my life and my relationships. Rarely rarely, do I ever use my blog to promote products or programs. But not sharing it would feel sort of like I was keeping something so empowering and life changing from others as well. If it can swing the pendulum as dramatically as it has for me, it can do the same for you.

From now through the end of September the program is available for only $99 (Regularly $297) and if you click this link you can sign up and even receive a free $20 Gift card to the Dressing Your Truth Store (a nice little place that I have already found some exciting treasures!).

If $99 is still a stretch for you, I at minimum recommend reading the book (I bought the kindle version for $10 on amazon.) Although the book is already included in the program, I was wary, and purchased it separately before joining–to see if it was something I really would benefit from. The book is transformational for relationships. The online course is where all the application comes into play and the most important details for dress are taught. The online course was worth every single penny. I would have paid far more for it–especially after seeing how deeply it has affected my life. Being a member of the program grants you access to hours and hours of videos and discussions that relate to every part of life. I’m Carol Tuttle’s newest and biggest fan and can’t wait to meet her in person in just two weeks when I attend her conference in Salt Lake City. Yes, I’m that devoted!

So where is my life now? I’m happy and grateful to report that my husband now has a career working at the exact company we hoped for (which is local and allows us to stay in our lovely small town community!). I no longer have the crown of breadwinner upon my head–which has relieved an enormous weight and made my work feel much more “fun” now that the pressure is off. I know who I am so much more clearly and have experienced revitalizing energy as I learn to adapt my routines and lifestyle to be more fitting for the different energy types in our family. I’m still learning how to apply all this new information, but the paradigm of possibility is more clear than ever before. I’m a happier, peaceful, joyful, upgraded version of myself.

The pendulum has swung. And it’s a beautiful thing.

Do you have any questions about the program? Send me an email or leave a comment and I’d be happy to have a discussion!

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