Becoming Empty to Receive


These were the words that profoundly struck me in my yoga class this past weekend. It connected things for me on so many levels. Imagine wading out into a swift river carrying a vessel to hold water. If it is already mostly full of rocks and debris you collected on the shore, you won’t have much room to fill up with pure water. It must be emptied first, if you want to receive the most.
How often have I lived a limited existence, unable to receive blessings and joy and revelations, simply because I was holding on to so many other things in my vessel? Grudges, judgements, pride, comparison, negative emotions, limiting beliefs, false perceptions, hurt and pain,… to just name a few. We like to think that those things protect us, when really they prevent us from receiving So. Much. More. The more I seek for #reallifebalance, the more I realize, that balance comes from letting things go, most especially the debris in our hearts and minds. If life feels out of balance, it isn’t always because of a crazy schedule and too many commitments. Most often, it comes from our hearts and minds lacking the space to receive. #letitgo Do you need guidance in letting things go? See my previous post and let’s work one on one together!

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