Allowing God to Hold Space for Us

The times I hold space well, is usually directly linked to how much I have allowed God to hold space for me.

I used to pray by saying words.  I’d list things i was thankful for, ask for what I needed and be done.  I’ve probably said years worth of prayers filled with anxiety and worry, only to hop up from my knees and carry on in those feelings, completely unaware of the power of God to hold space for me.

This is why I love meditation so much. It has restructured my experience of prayer to allow for time and space, to truly connect to God.  God, who by the way, is a God of love, peace, joy, gentleness, goodness, faith, longsuffering, meekness and mercy (isn’t it interesting that his character is described by the feelings which he HOLDS TOO?)

… if I actually allow myself to sit with Him, and to truly connect with Him, I feel the feelings of God inside me.

When God says, “Be Still and Know That I Am God”… I imagine He’s inviting us to allow Him to hold space for us!

Be still… Stop doing all the talking in your prayer, sit, don’t run off, Be still.  Truly connect.  And know that I am God.  Know that I am love, I am kind, I am peace, I am gentle, I am good, I am meek, and I am mercy…

Why does he want us to be still and know this? Because when we are still with Him long enough, He holds the space for us to feel Him inside.

He has spoken, saying, “The Kingdom of God is within you”.

Love is in you, gentleness, goodness, faith, mercy, peace, and joy… all those things that make God who he is, are inside me and inside you! And when we connect with Him and allow him to hold the space for us, we rise and feel that inside our own bodies as well.

Indeed, as my own meditative prayer practice has developed, so has my ability to hold that space for others.  It’s a natural progression.  If I am already connected to those feelings inside me, I’m not so easily swayed when I encounter the lower vibrations and emotions of those around me.  I can hold the space, because really, God is still holding hte space for me.

When all is said and done, the atonement of Jesus Christ, is the most ultimate act of holding space that has ever been performed.  He felt every pain, every negative emotion, every sin, every limiting thought, every sickness, for every person…and He didn’t react and become those feelings.  He felt it yes, but he stayed in the vibration of LOVE.  He holds the space for each of us.  It’s no wonder that He is called The Rock.

You have the power to perform miracles in the lives of those around you as you hold space for them and allow the Lord to Hold the space for you.

Imagine your life holding space and look forward with faith.

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