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Its already been a few weeks now… (oops!) but we had a delightful Advanced Pro Crash Course workshop the first weekend of June.  I originally designed these crash course versions of my classes to accommodate other Utah photographers who lived too far to travel for class weekly, but somehow we had the lovely states of Idaho and California represented this time as well!  That’s great!

The Advanced Pro course has received a lovely makeover in course structure and materials this June.  Due to the extra time involved on my part for this class, and because I feel the information presented is an extremely valuable asset to any professional or photo enthusiast and truly value the individual experience of each student, there are two changes that I have now implemented for this course:

1.  The class will now only be offered quarterly.  We are scheduled for a class in July, and the next offering will not be available until November.

2.  The class will now be limited to 5 students.

Some of our lovely models from this past class:

If you have been wanting to sign up for the Advanced Pro class, do it now!

July is limited and we won’t have this class again until November!

And if you’re still hesitant, how about reading these two lovely reviews that I just stumbled upon today from two workshop attendee’s!

“I drove over 9 hours from California to attend Brooke’s workshop, and it was definitely worth it! Not only is Brooke an exceptional photographer, she is an excellent teacher and one of the kindest people you will ever meet. Her workshop is very organized and beautifully presented. The book she has created is so full of information you will be able to focus on the discussion and examples, knowing that it all is written down already for later reference. There is a nice balance of lecture, discussion, and real practice with live models. Brooke is so creative you will leave inspired and full of new ideas. The advanced workshop is perfect both for people just starting out as portrait photographers, and for pros who are looking for a creative spark.”   –Samantha Jones of

“I was a little hesitant to sign up for Brooke’s class because I live 4 hours away and knew that it was going to take a lot of time, commitment and money. I also didn’t want to stand out in a crowd of experienced photographers. However, I took a brave step and signed up! I was more than happy with my experience. I took the Photo Basics Workshop & then the Advanced Pro Workshop 2 weeks later. I couldn’t wait to go back and found that the day flew by because I was enjoying myself so much! I appreciated the way that Brooke took the time to teach everyone – whether it was the professional that was there to ‘fill in the gaps,’ or me, who was there learning to shoot in manual for the first time, struggling to understand the basics of aperture, iso, and shutter speed. I LOVED Brooke’s take home notes. She has such a fun sense of humor and I was so lucky to learn from her trial -and-errors. I will forever refer to those books! I also appreciate that even though the workshops are over, there is still time to learn. Brooke has assigned ‘homework’ which she follows up on with an oral or written critique and has also allowed me to be a part of her Photo Cafe blog where other photographers can all meet in a small community to share their thoughts about photography. I’m very glad I took time out of my crazy life to fit these workshops in. The rewards have been well worth it!” -Kari Haslem
See more class reviews HERE

Thanks to our fabulous models for their help, and thank you to all the students who traveled far distances for our day together!  I’m a better person for having met you and had the opportunity to spend time with you! 

avatarBrooke Snow is a Lifestyle photographer in Cache Valley, Utah. She recently learned how to yodel so she could perform upbeat polka songs in the kitchen for the baby boy she is smitten with. Her delightful husband sings bass and does a great oom pah line to accompany the yodel chorus. She wrote an opera once, and dabbles in cowboy poetry.

Brooke teaches private photography lessons as well as monthly photography classes in Logan, Utah.

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