Advanced Class Model Demo

This week concluded my final Advanced Photography January class. How I have come to love my students! They’re awesome! What a fabulous way to make friends who love photography as much as I do! I secretly want them to keep coming to my house every Tuesday night!

Prior to the final class, we always have a model shoot to test out all the concepts we learn in class. Here’s a few shots I grabbed while bouncing between all the students. But really, you should see the students work 😉 They rocked it out!

Huge thanks to all our models! You did a great job!

****Only one image has visited photoshop.  10 bonus points to whomever can tell me which one!

(all other images are just my normal round of basic fast edits in Lightroom… I’m currently going through a midlife crisis where I am highly annoyed by the look of actioned out images… but that issue is a post for another day.)











janmodels-2Anyone interested in taking the February Advanced class, there are still spots available!  For more information on classes please visit HERE.

avatarsBrooke Snow is a Lifestyle photographer in Cache Valley, Utah.  Brooke specializes as a Utah Senior photographer, Logan Senior photographer, Utah Family Photographer, Logan Family Photographer, Logan childrens photographer , Utah Childrens Photographer and is a photography teacher who enjoys teaching private photography lessons as well as monthly photography classes in Logan, Utah.

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  1. Let me guess…the last one? Do I get ten more points if I can tell you the location. 😉 Any chance you will be offering this class during the three weeks I am in Utah?
    Anyway, looks good!

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