Advanced Class Model Day

If you love photography, and you’ve never done a shoot with other photographers, you’re missing out!  One of my favorite parts of the Advanced Class, is our model day shoot.  There is such an excitement that comes when you gather several creative minds together, and I believe everyone gets better images because of it.

We usually start the shoot by dividing up in groups of 2 photographers per model.  This allows us two minds to work together on posing ideas, two sets of eyes to watch for details, and another set of hands to help with any lighting aids such as reflectors, diffusers, or white boards.

I schedule the shoot  to take place when the light is NOT ideal 🙂  Why?!  Because in real life we’re not always going to have perfect light and we need to learn how to work with the light to make it work for us!

So… here’s some fabulous shots taken about 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. today.  (NO IMAGES HAVE BEEN TO PHOTOSHOP.  Just fast edits in Lightroom.)

Notice here how we can work with the light to use it as back lighting?

The most common solution for mid-day light: Open Shade:

Open shade with a reflector:

Using a diffuser:

And one of my favorites tricks… getting silhouette shots done at high noon!  Wahoo!

Light can totally be your friend and not your enemy!  There are still limitations, but when you work together rather than against one another, lovely things happen!

Thanks to our stellar models for their help, and our awesome photographers in the advanced class!

Registration is now open for our April Advanced Class.  Wondering whether or not to take the classes?  See what other people are saying about their experience HERE.

Have a happy weekend!

>avatarBrooke Snow is a Lifestyle photographer in Cache Valley, Utah. She is a proud new mother to a perfect baby boy. During the day she uses her BM and MM in Music Composition to write silly songs to make small people smile and laugh. During the nights and select mornings Brooke teaches private photography lessons as well as monthly photography classes in Logan, Utah. During the weekend she dreams up crazy and fun photo shoots for her fabulous subjects. Brooke welcomes comments, questions, new friendships, new clients, and new coats and hats for her growing collection.

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  1. I am SO glad you posted about that. That really opened my eyes to new possibilities for lighting. I have a reflector but haven’t used it that way. I am inspired to get out there and try new things. Thank yoU! Plus…those models were hot! 🙂

  2. Brooke, thanks so much again for today! 🙂 We had a blast and learned a ton! It was really fun to get to know all of the awesome photographers! 🙂 We love the pics! I wish we would have known you before we got married. 😉

  3. thanks brooke, it was lots of fun!!! I’ve been editing some of my pictures and I’m pretty excited about them. You are an awesome teacher, I have learned sooooo much.

  4. These are FABULAS! I might have to make a day trip up there and take your Advanced class. BTW anyone thinking of taking the basic class I LOVED it and would highly reccomend taking it!

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