The Most Important Advice I Would Tell my Teenage Self…

If you could tell your teenage self one piece of advice, what would that be?

This was the final question I was asked in a recent interview for the Becoming Podcast for Teens.

Surprisingly, my advice to my teenage self is the same advice I need everyday as an adult…

“I love and accept you, Brooke”.

This is the foundational mantra I teach in my book, in my meditation course, and every chance I get to speak.

A few months ago I attended my daughters kindergarten class party and all the little five year olds were gathering in a line in the hallway.

I stood to the side watching when one very curious girl got my attention.

She tugged on my shirt and asked me this question…

“Are you the “I love and accept you girl?”

I was left speechless by her question.

There have been many things I have been called in my life.  Never have I been called the “I love and accept you, girl”.

And yet, in that moment, it was suddenly the only name I wanted to be known for in my life.

Love has not been an easy thing for me.

Whether it’s been loving others, or especially, loving myself.

The last five years I have worked daily on changing this.  Every morning, for five minutes in meditation…

“I love and accept you, Brooke”.

To say this practice has dramatically changed me is an understatement.

Quarantine happened before I could find out the background on this perceptive little girl’s question, but I’m guessing her mom has taken my meditation course and has valiantlyshared the tools with her own kids.

This mantra has already worked itself into the heart of a five year old.

It’s the advice I would give my teenage self.

And it’s the message I dedicate meditation time to it every single day as an adult.

Love is the answer to pretty much everything.  This is how you make it practical and believable.

If you’re curious to learn more about meditation, this interview is an amazing approachable discussion on how you can integrate some meditation principles into your own prayer practice.

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