Book List

I love books with a serious passion.  Each of these has played an important role in my photography journey.

General Photography:

 *Review:   I LOVE Scott Kelby’s books.  He has a light and humorous writing style that is easy to follow and understand.  He never gets bogged down in technical jargon and basically tells you exactly what to do to achieve a certain result.  I’m not the type of person that stays interested in reading if something starts to feel like a user manual or encyclopedia.  Kelby’s books are fun to read and you learn A LOT;)

Post Production/Editing:

Lighting (using Artificial Light):

*Review:  Zach Arias is a genius with using artificial light (i.e. flash).  In similar style to Kelby, Zach explains how to use off camera lighting in a way that is easy to understand and free of all the techno jargon.  An absolute great resource for those interested in adding drama to their photography or learning how to use their flash off camera.  Not knowing anything at all about flash photography, and after watching this only one time, I felt confident in going out and using flash in manual mode immediately and knew exactly what equipment I wanted to invest in and WHY… This DVD will get several more previews!

Photography Business: