The Guide to Artist Dates

The Guide to Artist Dates will help you implement one of my favorite practices for living in your true identity. Ready to have a date to yourself every week to spend exactly the way you want to? I help you work through excuses that may hold you back, the logistics to make it happen, as well as give you plenty of fun ideas of how you can spend this time to fill your soul!

Reference Bookmarks

These quick reference bookmarks summarize at a glance the Clearing Tools and Empowerment Tools outlined in the book.

Bonus Chapter, Identity Tools For Kids

While the book takes an adult approach to the tools I provide for living in your true identity, this Bonus Chapter, Identity Tools For Kids, adapts many of the tools to be practical for children. Help teach them how to clear away the negative thoughts and feelings they may have about themselves, and empower them to know the happy truth of who they really are.

Book Club Discussion Video

Watch the live book club I hosted with readers, hear their questions, and get greater detail and insight into the book.

Thank you again for your support! Writing a book has been such a fun adventure and I am confident that the tools in this book will bless your life in a major way! I use these tools daily for myself and my kids and it has made all the difference!

Here’s to living in your true identity! Happy Reading!