Hello! I’m Brooke.

I help individuals bridge the gap between self-help and self-acceptance. I love to share tools and truths to help you strengthen your relationships. I want you to love and nurture yourself so you can love and serve others in your own unique way.

Free Resources

Use these free resources to help you transform your relationships, intentionally create your life and cultivate faith in yourself and in your mission and purpose.

The Miracle of Meditation

Transform your prayers for more presence, connection and revelation with this FREE mini course, now found on the Co Create app! Just download the app to take the course-no subscription required!
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Learn the Law of Creation

Learn how the Law of Creation Framework can help you build sustainable habits and intentionally create your life in this FREE six-part course. For more convenience you can also find this course on the Co Create app.

My Story…

I know what it feels like to do “all the right things” and still feel distant to the Divine.

I know what it feels like to compare myself to others and always come up short…Wondering if I really have something unique to offer the world like those I admire.

I know what it feels like to long for supportive habits and rituals but feel stuck responding to others needs before my own.

My own spiritual path has been significantly strengthened by the truths that I have found in other cultures and traditions. Practices such as meditation, yoga, and energy healing all have elements of great truth. When paired together  it can bring profound transformation into your life.

I’ve learned how to bridge the gap between self-help and self-acceptance, and can help you do the same. My purpose is to teach and provide you tools to strengthen your relationships.  To help you love and nurture yourself so you can love and serve others in your own unique way.

The One Heart Podcast

Looking for weekly inspiration and insights?

Check out The One Heart Podcast on your favorite podcast app or here on the website. Each week, you’ll find conversations to help you learn more about LOVE. Each episode has teachings and actionable takeaways to help you find more love in yourself and others.

Learn to live into your true identity

With our modern culture of comparison, self-degradation, and social-media idolization, it is easy to lose sight of the true you. But beneath the layers of societal expectations, the roles you fill, and the messages you have been told, you will find your whole, perfect, and worthy self.

My book, Living in Your True Identity: Discover, Embrace, and Develop Your Own Divine Nature, will help you begin experiencing more of your life in the best way ever, as you!

Start with More Consistency

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