Ep 2 One Heart

Hello my friend. Welcome to the One Heart Podcast. I’m your host Brooke Snow, and I’m so grateful you’re here. In this episode we’re going to talk about what it means to have One Heart.

But first, I invite you to join me in a three breath meditation to settle into your own heart.

Breathing in, come back into awareness of your body and descend to your heart.

Breathing in, opening your heart.

Breathing in, embody the love that is always inside you.

Say to yourself, I love and accept you.

Thank you, friends for joining me in this episode of the One Heart podcast.

Today I want to give context for the title of this Podcast.

One Heart.

What does this even mean? Physically, we already each have one heart.

And yet…

On a spiritual, mental, and emotional level our heart can feel divided into many different parts.

The simplest division happens between our true self and our ego.

We’re divided inside.

We have a true self, and we have an ego.
Another way to say the same thing, is that we have a divine self and we have a human self.

We’re both fully divine and fully human.

But learning to live in harmony with both parts of who we are is something we have to learn.

Or perhaps more accurately, it requires unlearning.

We have been taught to judge our humanness as shameful.
Or maybe we’ve even been taught that divinity is something we earn or become if we prove ourselves worthy enough?

I spent most of my life believing I needed to transcend my humanness and earn my divinity. This belief is not only exhausting, it will always have me chasing a horizon. I’m living for a future outcome instead of learning to live fully present as the fully divine and fully human person I am right now.

I was chasing the modern definition of perfection, which means without flaw.

The ancient Greek word for perfection however, means whole.

Could it be, that true wholeness is learning how to unite our two selves into one?

If I reject my humanness, I reject half of who I am. This is not wholeness. Its halfness.
Wholeness is learning how to unite the divide, not eliminate the half we judge as bad.

I’ve spent my entire life trying to eliminate half of who I am. and guess what? It has never ever worked. That shadow keeps returning.

I think of the scene in Peter Pan, who shows up on the windowsill of the Darling Children’s playroom looking for his shadow. How silly it is to read in a children’s fairytale. We all know you can’t lose your shadow. It’s why the scene is so comical. Peter Pan tries to reattach his shadow with a bar of soap, and then with thread and needle.

While Peter comes searching for the shadow, we can spend much of our life trying to ditch ours. We try to pray it away, make ourselves holy enough that it will disappear, or just plain deny that it exists. For some people, all they see is the shadow and they forget that the shadow is attached to a divine being who is inherently good, no matter what choices have been made.

So friends, my intention with this One Heart podcast, is to offer insight, stories, and experiences for how we can be whole.

Both fully divine AND fully human.

Love brings wholeness.
Judgement brings separateness.

There is a way to live right now in wholeness. You don’t have to wait until the humanness someday is gone. That’s not how we are designed. I have often contemplated why we have a human half to begin with? If we really are created by a divine Creator, then why do we have an ego? Did God make a mistake?

The answer that has returned to me again and again is that the ego, the shadow of who we are, is purposefully designed into our life experience as an invitation to love. Yet we usually treat it as a trigger to judge.

But what if we learned to see the shadow as an invitation to love a part of us that needs it most?

The part that is afraid?
The part that is Lonely?
The part that is Sad?
The part that is Disappointed or hurt?

What if we learned to respond to other people’s shadows the same way? As an invitation to love what most needs love in this moment?

Can we in effect, love our neighbor, as ourself?
Can we seek for wholeness? Not halfness, but wholeness.

This is what it means to me to have one heart. It is a heart that is whole. A heart that is fully human and fully divine.
A heart that unites to two by holding space in love.
It is a heart that sees the triggers of the shadow self as an invitation to love more, not less.

Ideally, as we work on having one heart within ourselves, collectively we work towards being a people of one heart as well. Our culture and society and our world, learns to love one another instead of judging one another. We create a New Earth. A place of peace. Not because all the shadows have finally disappeared, but rather because we have learned how to lovingly embrace them. We hold space for the humanness of all, and in so doing the divinity truly begins to shine through.

We’ll dive more into how to practice this in the episodes to come.

In the meantime,

May you be peaceful.
May you be a whole self.

You are love.


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