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The Spirit of Authenticity

I love my neighborhood and surrounding streets.  The houses are older, but full of character and well kept with some impeccable yards. On a recent “exploration” I noticed a yard ahead of us that had something different about it. At first I couldn’t tell what it was… The lawn was freshly mowed, the walks were […]


Why I Photograph

I rarely complain publicly.  And don’t plan on doing so now… but I will confess a slight source of life frustration: He’s three feet tall Has twelve teeth Can say two words discernibly well: “Dad!” and “Quack”.  (We prefer to think there is no connection there ;) ) He’s boycotted naps and Suddenly has developed a real […]


Embrace Your Limitations

Igor Stravinsky was a radical.  It’s perhaps why I like him so much. The debut of his ballet, The Rite of Spring (1913), provoked a riot and changed the way music was written forever. In his captivating book, The Poetics of Music, he describes his terror of sitting down to compose a new piece and […]


Emotions are not Trendy

Catchy title?  I liked it.  The phrase came from THIS INTERVIEW with Eric Laurits. I typically don’t listen to these interviews, though I’m sure they’re are all just as awesome as this one. Something about the fact that Eric is a photographer with a degree in music seemed to obviously capture my attention.  Among some […]

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