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Ep. 72: Balancing Work and Rest

We talk about balance between work and life all the time, like they’re two separate entities. Really though, the balance I like to pair with work is rest. The tension between work and rest is necessary in every area of our life. Our relationship with ourself, our spouse, our family, our career, and any other […]


Ep. 71: Balancing Introversion and Extroversion

Welcome to our next episode in the real life balance series. Today we’re talking about introversion and extroversion and why you must have both to find real life balance. Are you getting quality solitude time for yourself? Are you getting quality people time for yourself? It’s all about the quality! You may be around people […]


Ep. 70: Are You Giving Too Much?

Are you giving too much? Is there such a thing? YES! Today I’m excited to begin Season 6 and a mini series on a topic that is foundational to Every Branch: Real life balance. Life balance is a controversial and debated topic. Does it exist or is it an elusive quest for the impossible? I […]

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